Complaints & Appeals


Recording of customer complaints and appeals and the consequent corrective action and preventive action undertaken


To address and record all customer complaints and appeals.


The General Manager is responsible for the management of all customer complaints with input from other personnel as deemed necessary.

Investigation of complaints or appeals shall be carried out by the General Manager, unless it involves the General Manager, in which case it shall be carried out by a Director.

Any decisions resolving complaints or appeals shall be made by, or reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors (who are not themselves involved in the certification activities).

Forms & Documents

  • CC1 – Complaint Form
  • CR – Complaints Register



Complaints may be received against the conduct or performance of QSS or one of its clients.  These will be recorded on CC1 – Complaint Form.

All complaints (and appeals) will be acknowledged within 3 working days; every endeavour will be made to resolve all complaints within 20 working days although it is recognised that this may, at times, take longer depending on the nature and complexity of the complaint.

The General Manager will evaluate the complaint and decide if it is relevant and valid; if it is not, then the complainant will be advised accordingly.

If the complaint is valid, then the General Manager will make all necessary investigations and will instigate correction / preventive actions as appropriate.

All complaints will be logged in the Complaints Register.

Appeals may be received against any decision made by QSS.  The General Manager will consider the appeal and, if he is unable to resolve the issue, will refer it to a Director who will review the matter and make a decision which is binding and final.

The complainant / appellant will be kept advised at all times and will be provided with formal notice of any decisions made paying particular attention not to discriminate in any way against the appellant.

The Management Review & the Impartiality Committee will be advised of all complaints and appeals.

Conflicts of Interest
In order to avoid any conflict of interest, any personnel who have provided either consultancy for the client, or have previously been directly employed by the client company, shall not be used to investigate or resolve the complaint or appeal within 2 years of said consultancy or employment.

Any information gained regarding a client during the investigation of a complaint or appeal will remain confidential at all times.

Analysis of Data
An annual review of all complaints will be carried out at Management Review and the Impartiality Committee who will review:

  • Investigation process and its outcomes
  • The process for tracking and recording appeals and complaints
  • The need for corrective action and its outcomes

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